MSU "Rising to Our Responsibility" Now Online - please share widely!


With your support, over 1,000 people registered for our recent forum for school leaders on addressing racial violence and anti-Blackness in Michigan schools. I want to thank our esteemed panelists and COE superstars Drs. Dorinda Carter Andrews, Alyssa Hadley Dunn, and Jada Phelps-Moultrie again for their timely and enriching comments. Since the event, many of you have asked to be notified when the video of the event is released. I am pleased to announce that the video recording (with captions) of the "Rising to Our Responsibility" forum is now online!  Please feel free to view and share it from here:


Dr. Carter Andrews shares important thoughts for school leaders considering making statements in support of BLM:

Dr. Hadley Dunn runs an AMAZING Facebook group on “Teaching on Days After” that is a wealth of resources:

Dr. Chambers hosted this podcast for school leaders combating hate after the 2016 election that remains relevant today:

Dr. Phelps-Moultrie offers ideas for talking about Black History Month all year round:        

Dr. Chambers talks about her research on supporting high-achieving Black and Latinx students in white-normed school spaces:

We look forward to hosting events like the “Rising to our Responsibility” forum in the future and will keep you informed about these and other events in the MSU College of Education.

Remember, what happens next depends on what YOU do now.

All the best,


photo of Rising to Our Responsibility panel speakers