Joe Krajcik & Barbara Schneider featured on MSU Today

Dr. Joe Krajcik and Dr. Barbara Schnieder are bringing a sense of wonder to student learning of science, and revolutionizing how teachers help facilitate that 'wonderment' to get students excited and engaged with science.

Read the MSU Today feature about two of Dr. Krajcik and Dr. Schneider's funded projects, Crafting Engagement in Science Environments (National Science Foundation) and Multiple Literacies (George Lucas Educational Fund), both focused on turning the way students learn on it's side. Rather than memorizing facts and hearing about science, the students are doing science, through questioning, sharing ideas, working with each other, and being actively engaged in "figuring out". Research is showing that students are more interested in and excited by what they are doing when learning in this way; teachers - although this is a new method of teaching - are learning to prompt their students to think and question, and feel a sense of freedom from simply reciting from textbooks. 

You will not want to miss this!

Students around a table with teacher talking to them