ML-PBL Professional Learning for 22/23 begins July 28-29, 2022

ML-PBL Professional Learning for 22/23 begins July 28-29, 2022


The Next Generation Project-Based Learning team is excited to offer a Multiple Literacies professional development opportunity for Grade 3, beginning this summer! The program begins with a summer kick-off, July 27 - 28, 2022, from 9am - 3:30pm EST. 

The ML-PBL introductory support series will be held at CREATE for STEM for the 2022-2023 school year and consists of full-day sessions to introduce Project-Based Learning and curriculum units, and 1-hour virtual sessions focused on developing pedagogical strategies to support students in "figuring out" phenomena. 

Multiple Literacies in Project-Based Learning (ML-PBL) includes a year-long scope and sequence for 3rd through 5th grades. There are 4 NGSS-aligned teaching units at the 3rd-grade level. ML-PBL integrates Common Core Standards in English language arts and mathematics into science experiences allowing teachers to spend extra time in science. Each unit spans 6-8 weeks with 60 minutes of science instruction each day.

**Please let us know if you are interested in Grade 4 or 5 professional learning.

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To find out more about the 22-23 program, including the schedule, fees, and presenters, see the attached documents below.

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