AI-based Assessment in STEM Education Conference: Potential, Challenge, and Future.

AI4STEM at the University of Georgia and the CREATE for STEM Institute are jointly organizing an international conference, funded by National Science Foundation, on May 26-27, 2022 at the Georgia Center, Athens, GA.

Achieving the vision put forth by the Framework for K-12 Science Education requires a transformation of assessment practices from relying on multiple-choice items to performance-based knowledge-in-use tasks. Historically, assessments of student learning are performance-based constructed-response items that often prohibit timely feedback (NGSS Lead States, 2018). This, in turn, has hindered science teachers from using these assessments on a large scale.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has demonstrated great potential to meet these assessment challenges, which is the foundation upon which this conference is being built. The invited participants are known experts in the areas of STEM domain-specific learning, assessments and measurement, learning technologies, computer sciences, and pedagogy. The outcome of the conference will include a published book, entitled Applying AI in STEM Assessment.

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