Congratulations to MSU's Dr. Melanie Cooper and Dr. James McCusker

(originally published on June 26, 2020)

Melanie Cooper, Lappan-Phillips Professor of Science Education, and James K. McCusker, Michigan State University Foundation Professor of Chemistry, each received a prestigious award from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). Cooper received the 2020 Education Award from the RSC’s Education Division; McCusker received the 2020 Chemical Dynamics Award from the RSC’s Faraday Division. Both are professors in the MSU Department of Chemistry in the College of Natural Science.

Cooper was recognized for her outstanding accomplishments in designing, implementing, and evaluating evidence-based chemistry curricula and catalyzing the careers of many chemistry education researchers.

McCusker received his award in recognition of his outstanding, innovative research on the dynamics of molecules, including spectroscopy, kinetics, or molecular interactions in the gas, liquid, or solid phase.

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For more information about Cooper and McCusker’s respective awards, careers and research and the Royal Society of Chemistry, visit here and here.

Photo of front of MSU Chemistry building