New game app developed at MSU gets young girls involved in STEM

(originally published December 16, 2019)

Huey-Wen Lin, assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy and Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering at Michigan State University, developed the new game app “Quantum 3” to get the general public and K-12 children involved in learning more about Quantum Chromodynamics, or QCD, a theory that governs the interactions of subatomic particles that form all stable matter.

The game allows you to build subatomic particles, learn about the mysteries of fundamental physics, and deploy antimatter to clear the way. The game has a premise similar to Candy Crush. You puzzle out the quantum properties of color, flavor, and spin. The main components of the game quarks and gluons are the smallest particles we know about often referred to as “fundamental” particles. 

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Photo of young girls looking at test tubes