Zimmerman Implementing Innovative Curriculum in College Algebra

(article originally printed Sept 15, 2019)

Jane Zimmerman, mathematics education doctoral student and MSU math instructor, teamed up with Teena Gerhardt, associate professor of mathematics at MSU, to develop a new curriculum to help incoming freshmen interested in a STEM career master college algebra.

In the past, students with lower scores on their math placement test embarked on a non-credit-bearing pathway prior to enrolling in MTH103, or college algebra. Zimmerman and Gerhardt helped lead the effort to replace that course with a credit-bearing one they believe will result in increased student participation. Alongside the semester-long MTH103, Zimmerman and Gerhardt created a new, two-semester course, MTH103A, and 103B, to provide more time for students to master college algebra material.

Results were positive; pass rates increased and students showed improved test scores. 

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Photo of Jane Zimmerman with students