Joe awarded the 2020 McGraw Prize for Pre-K-12 education

Congratulations to Joe! We are so happy that Joe's relentless work to improve science education for all students is being recognized with this prestigious award.Image removed.

“I am honored to receive the McGraw Prize for innovation in education,” Krajcik said. “Throughout my professional life, I have been driven by a passion to work with teachers and other educators to create and explore learning environments that engage all children. I’m dedicated to helping ignite the joy and desire to learn in students in order for all of us to live in a knowledgeable, just and sustainable world.”

Robert E. Floden, dean and University Distinguished Professor in the College of Education, said Krajcik is an international leader in working with scientists, teachers and scholars, to produce “effective curriculum materials being adopted by school districts around the country.”

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Photo of Joe Krajcik and McGraw Prize info