CREATE for STEM Institute
Lydia Bradford
Research Assistant, ML-PBL Project

Lydia Bradford is a second year PhD student at Michigan State University in Measurement and Quantitative Methods. She is the recipient of the Walker Hill Fellowship in Measurement and Evaluation and holds a John A. Hannah Chair research assistantship in the College of Education. She graduated from Duke University with a bachelor’s degree in Romance languages and Global Health with a minor in Economics in 2017. Before starting her doctorate, Lydia was a high school chemistry and economics teacher which has led her to an interest in science education; however, her main research interest lies in statistical modeling and analysis, research design, and causal inference. In the fall of 2019, Lydia began working on two separate science curriculum interventions, Crafting Engaging Science Environments and Multiple Literacies in Project Based Learning. In these projects, she has participated in data construction and data management as well as various statistical analysis of both the main treatment effects and other exploratory analysis