Congratulations to Renee Bayer and Ella Greene-Moton for HFRCC award

CREATE is delighted to share that Irene "Renee" Bayer, Principal Investigator of Health in Our Hands (HiOH), and Ella Greene-Moton, Co-Chair of the HiOH-Flint Genesee Partnership, Administrator of the Community Based Organizations Partners - Community Ethics Review Board, and President of the American Public Health Association were honored with the Community-Academic Partnership Award at the Healthy Flint Research Coordinating Center Research Symposium (HFRCC) this fall. 

This award is presented to “one community and one academic person working in partnership with each other where they have demonstrated their commitment to moving Flint forward. These individuals have made positive contributions within the Flint community through their active engagement in community-academic partnerships". 

Ella and Renee have been colleagues for more than 25 years, having met while Renee was working at the University of Michigan. 

We are proud of Renee's and Ella's accomplishments, and for what they have done for the Flint community. 

Read the entire article on the HiOH website:

Photo of Renee Bayer and photo of Ella Greene-Moton