Rick Stiggins Endowment; Call for proposals!

Guidelines for the Rick Stiggins Endowment for the Improvement of the Classroom Assessment Literacy

of Teachers and School Leaders 2023 Submission Process

The Rick Stiggins Endowment for the Improvement of the Classroom Assessment Literacy of Teachers and School Leaders is intended to advance the college’s and the nation’s understanding of how to ensure and provide high-quality pre-service preparation in classroom assessment for teacher candidates. A secondary purpose is to advance understanding of how to build pre-service training in assessment for those enrolled in leadership preparation program. As such, priority work should include:

• Research on the barriers that have kept this content from becoming a regular part of these pre-service curricula in the past.

• Development and field-testing strategies and tactics for removing those barriers.

• The presentation of conferences, seminars, and other similar events to bring visibility to the need for improved pre-service assessment training for teacher and administrator candidates.


Application Process:

1. Candidates shall be College of Education faculty members in a tenure-system appointment engaged in work regarding developing classroom assessment literacy practitioners needed to enhance the achievement of students.

2. In the Fall 2023 competition, candidates may apply for up to $70,000 to be expended over a two-year period (January 1, 2024-December 31, 2025)

3. The selection of the recipient(s) will be made by the Selection Committee, appointed by the Associate Dean of Research of the College of Education. 

4. Applicants must submit a concept paper of not more than five single-spaced pages plus a budget (the budget must include fringe benefits, as appropriate). Applicants are encouraged to consult with ORA staff as they prepare their budgets. Applicants also will participate in an interview process with the Selection Committee. Concept papers and the proposed budget should be uploaded to a Microsoft Team Folder: https://forms.office.com/r/CdvkwcTwkb. The concept paper and budget should be compiled in one pdf document, labelled “Rick Stiggins Endowment [Applicant’s Name] 2023.” Applications are due by Friday, November 10, 2023. Results will be announced in December.

5. Recipients are required to provide a report to the Associate Dean of Research at the end of the grant period detailing outcomes of the research. For this grant period, reports should be submitted to the Associate Dean of Research by February 1, 2026. All publicized or presented research will recognize The Ricks Stiggins Endowment as providing support. Recipients are not precluded from applying for subsequent awards.

6. Questions about the application process or other aspects of the award should be directed to Emily Bouck, Interim Associate Dean for Research (ecb@msu.edu).

Rick Stiggins Endowment; submissions being accepted