CREATE featured at October 3rd Inform(ED) session hosted by Dean Jerlando Jackson

The CREATE for STEM Institute was asked to give a 20-minute presentation about what we do, where we are, and what makes us unique as part of the October 3, 2023 Inform(ED) webinar series, hosted by College of Education Dean Jerlando Jackson. What an honor to be able to share our varied and multi-faceted work with others in the college!  There were over 70 virtual attendees at the session, which also featured Dr. Kathy Wilbur, Sr. Vice President of MSU's Government Relations office. 

CREATE team members spoke about their role in CREATE, discussing aspects of the Institute's work in which they are a part. It was wonderful to share with others, and also to work on a presentation about the entire CREATE team together!

Many thanks to Dean Jackson for providing an opportunity to explain how we innovate, investigate, and inform as part of our overall goal to improve the teaching and learning of STEM K-16. 

To view the presentation, see the file below. 

College of Education, INFORM(ED), An all-college meeting