Haudek and Krajcik receive NSF grant for automatic feedback of constructed response (CR) assessments

Kevin Haudek and Joe Krajcik have been awarded funds from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to design and test an automatic assessment scoring system which provides individualized feedback in the context of a designed NextGeneration Science Standards (NGSS) aligned high school Physical Science curriculum. The project builds on results of previous NSF-funded grants.

This project will a) Study how automatic feedback affects students’ ability to develop scientific models and explanations in the NGSS classroom, b) Demonstrate that complex, three-dimensional learning progression (3D LP) aligned items can be automatically scored to a high degree of accuracy and c) Develop an assessment system integrated with automatic feedback in the context of high quality NGSS aligned curriculum and aligned to previously validated 3D LP.

Congratulations, Kevin and Joe!

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