Michigan Department of Education looking for M-STEP item developers

MDE's Office of Educational Assessment and Accountability is looking for science educators interested in developing science item clusters for the Science M-STEP. This week-long meeting will be held the week of July 25-29. We are hoping to hold the meeting in the U.P. if we can recruit enough educators from the northern part of our state. The alternate location is Lansing, MI.

The week will include professional learning regarding evidence-centered design methods to create valid assessment tasks for large-scale assessments. The outcomes of the week include:

  • learn how to unpack bundles of standards to identify evidence of student mastery
  • develop phenomena and problem based storylines for large scale assessment tasks
  • consider issues of equity and bias in the assessment design process
  • communicate and collaborate with other science educators and assessment specialists in the design process
  • present work-in-progress to receive and incorporate feedback
  • complete one science item cluster by the end of the week

This is a great opportunity to learn about the large-scale assessment design and development process in Michigan and to contribute your expertise to that process. 

Benefits of working as an item writer include:

  • $1250 stipend
  • SCECHs
  • lodging*, meals, and mileage covered (*if over 50 miles from location)
  • partner with another science educator
  • a mind-blowing week of science fun with TJ Heck!

If you are interested, please complete this google form prior to June 10


If you have any questions about this work, please email Dr. TJ Heck at heckt@michigan.gov

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